PSY1071 Basic Intensive Training ($649 CAD)

REFUND POLICY: Cancellations made within the first two weeks of training will be refunded at 75% of the total investment made.  It is important to note that no refunds will be made after the second week of training.  Please send your cancellation request by email to:  Please allow for up to 45 days for your refund to be processed. 

Choice Theory Online (PSYC1071) will help you acquire new learning and fine-tune knowledge while raising your level of competence in working with others. You will learn how to build and maintain supportive relationships within an environment conducive to learning. In addition, you shall deepen your understanding about mental health in the areas of business, health and wellness, education, family, and the community.

To register, please click on the appropriate link for the virtual classroom of your choice. Please note, there will be some flexibility in the dates and times for each classroom. As this training is offered in collaboration with the “CCNB” Community College, Canada, the registration process will be completed through their website.
Registration Deadline: August 27, 2018 - BETTE BLANCE
Startup date: September 3, 2018
Online Sessions: September 3, September 24, October 8, October 29, November 5, November 26, 2018 at 7:00 am.
Instructor: Bette Blance
Time Zone: TBD New Zealand Daylight Time
Registration Deadline: September 4, 2018 - NANCY HERRICK

Startup date:  September 11, 2018
Online Sessions:  September 11, September 25, October 9, October 23, November 6, November 20, 2018 at 3 pm.  
Instructor:  Nancy Herrick
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA)

Registration Deadline: September 11, 2018 - MAUREEN CRAIG MCINTOSH
Startup date: September 18, 2018
Online Sessions: September 18, October 2, October 16, October 30, November 13, November 27, 2018 at 4 pm.
Instructor: Maureen Craig McIntosh
Time ZoneAtlantic Time (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Registration Deadline: TBD - YVETTE FORCIER

Startup date:  TBD
Online Sessions:  TBD
Instructor:  Yvette Forcier
Time Zone: Central Standard Time (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Registration Deadline: TBD - DIANNE CORMIER NORTHRUP
Start Date: TBD 
Online Sessions: TBD
Instructor: Dianne Cormier Northrup
Time Zone: Atlantic Time (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Registration Deadline: TBD - DR. JEAN SEVILLE SUFFIELD
Start Date: TBD 
Online Sessions: TBD
Instructor: Dr. Jean Seville Suffield
Time ZoneEastern Time (Montreal, Quebec)